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Child & Adolescent

Sessions are 50-minutes in length, and the frequency of the sessions will be determined throughout treatment, as it may vary.  Your input and collaboration on this recurring decision is welcomed.

With over a decade of experience with children (age 10+) and adolescents in numerous locations (i.e., behavioral health, mobile family therapy, residential treatment, and school counseling), I have extensive experience working with young people.  

When working with children and adolescents,

I seek to support them in their independence and their interdependence, while also supporting their interpersonal relationships with others and their intrapersonal relationship with themselves. It can feel like we are "zooming in" on ground floor action steps and "zooming out" to the big picture of personal goals and growth.  I seek to build a therapeutic relationship and provide a treatment modality that is flexible and matched to their needs to maximize their attention, motivation, and potential.

See Family Therapy for more information on parental/guardian involvement.

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