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Sessions are 50-minutes in length.  Following the initial intake, a recommendation will be made about how often sessions will occur, but it is a decision that will be made collaboratively. 

Especially when working with children and adolescents under the age of 14, parents/guardians are encouraged to be a part of the therapeutic work.  When teenagers are over the age of 14, it will be a collaborative decision with the client and counselor on how much or how little to involve the parent/guardian.

In family therapy, 'the family' is the client.  While there are many moving parts, it can be powerful when the parts are all moving in the same direction, even for small intervals at a time.  Working together as a family to improve interactions, communication, and overall relationships can be challenging, but life-changing.  Creating a space where each person can be heard, where unhealthy patterns can be altered, and where further processing occurs outside of the session are just a few ways that families can shift into a space that feels better.

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