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My Approach

First and foremost, I operate from a person-first, affirmative perspective. 

Equally as important, I utilize evidence- and strength-based treatment and interventions.

I focus on how all the parts of yourself -- your thoughts, emotions, mind, body, behaviors, and relationships -- all work together to shape your life.  I consider the many systems of your life and how you interact within them, while also operating from a developmental perspective.


I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process between you and me, where I am there to come alongside you to help facilitate healing and growth.  I believe it is important to tailor

my approach to what fits best for each person, and I do that by drawing from major treatment approaches such as cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, and trauma theories.

I acknowledge that no two people or situations are the same.  Thus, my approach must be equally as adaptive to meet the unique needs of each person. In sum, I keep you at the center.

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