Dr. Stephanie A. DePalmer

Licensed Professional Counselor

Individual therapy is for those seeking one-on-one personal attention and support for greater well-being.


Family therapy is valuable when the family unit is struggling. Navigating the change process together yields many benefits.

Children & Adolescents

Child and adolescent therapy is for young people needing support navigating the many challenges of development.

My Approach

I meet you where you are at. No judgement, ever. I then want to know where you want to go, and we work on your goals together.

About Me

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Central Pennsylvania and a National Board Certified Counselor, where counseling is not just a way of life for me, but a way of being.  I deeply value the many hues of our humanity and the journey all of us are on to find healing, wholeness, and hope.

Getting Support

I work with a variety of needs because I believe that life is altogether complex, layered, and intertwining.  As your comfort grows and your story unfolds, the fullness of your lived experience can be explored and integrated into a cohesive, empowered sense of self.

Mood disorders




Relationship difficulties

Life transitions

Abusive relationships

LGBTQ+ affirmative

Trauma (EMDR)


Addictive behavior

Parent/child conflict

Anger Management


Grief & Loss


Identity development

Sense of self


Other issues

Unlike self-criticism, which asks if you're good enough, self-compassion asks, what's good for you?

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